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New Look for Lipton Fresh Brewed Tea

I’m a very big fan of tea, iced or hot it’s my favorite drink. So I was excited to see that Lipton did a rebrand on their Fresh Brewed Ice Tea for the food service industry. The revitalized look showcases a new logo and “Drink Fresh” tagline.

The firm, Moxie TM, Inc., responsible for the rebrand, incorporates great design elements that help to convey the core message of freshness and refreshment.

The use of a familiar glass of iced tea, suggests the beverage was recently made. The wave of tea behind the glass adds excitement and movement. The golden brown tones of the tea convey the idea of fresh brewed. The supporting color palette is clean and bright and just screams fresh.

It’s a very well executed rebrand. Totally on target.

I love the pure simplicity of it. Makes me want to run out and get a big glass of cold ice tea.