Monthly Archives: August 2012

How to Take a Local Small Brand National

It’s not as scary or as difficult as you think to take your brand national.

Use social media. It’s all about Facebooking, Tweeting and friending people. These are the largest national platforms available to a small business… for free. Take advantage of them.

Capitalize on what makes you unique. Really truly not every business is the same. Even if you’re in an industry like Financial Planning, some people may think you’re all the same but you know you’re not. Believe me there is something about you that is unique, you need to find it and market it.

Be willing to try new things. I fought social media for a long time, especially twitter. It was hard for me to see the value but everyone was doing it so I decided to jump in. My reach nationally is so much broader now, I find it amazing the kinds of businesses that follow me and where they are located.

Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try. You can play with the Big Guys!