New Gap Logo – Branding Gone Wrong

OK really what were they thinking. The original Gap logo was an icon in American fashion. Whether you liked the clothes or not is another issue, but  pretty much everyone knows the gap logo. It’s right up there with Nike.

This is big branding mistake and clearly a display of corporate suits messing where they shouldn’t. I’m sure they thought since sales were down that they needed to rebrand themselves. A company with the brand equity they have does not need to do that. They can wade out the economic storm in tact if they stay strong to their brand. But they decided to make a change and now I think they will lose even more market share with this rinky dink, mess of a logo.

I’ve seen high school design students do better. The gradient of the logo really cheapens the overall identity and it lacks any sort of strength or visual interest. The font says nothing, well it does say something… boring.

I’m struggling to understand how this new logo came about, what’s its purpose and why it fails miserably. Even the original gap logo created in 1969 has more character than this new one.

I’m really hoping this is some kind of joke they are playing to get everyone to talk about them.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


21 responses to “New Gap Logo – Branding Gone Wrong

  1. Seems we’re all saying pretty much the same thing. I too was at a loss. This new version doesn’t even live up to “bad”. It’s so amateurish it’s like I (almost) feel guilty critiquing it.

    It uses a venerated, time-tested typeface in such an inappropriate manner. I mean, Helvetica is versatile enough to be used in so many ways. Just not this. Then, the gradient-filled box as what? A nod to the old logo that didn’t need to be changed in the first place?

    It just gets worse the longer I look at it.

  2. I’m still hoping this is some kind of exercise in the power of social media. The internet blew up with comments about this logo.

    All I know is if I were the designer I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

    • LoL, I hear you. Poster’s probably right. Some corporates may be trying to mess around with the brand, and the designer have no choice but to oblige. If that really is the case, I feel sorry for him/her.

      Which reminds me of this quote:
      “I am a designer, not a fucking screwdriver. A global message for clients arounds the world who believe that a designer is a mere tool to execute their ugly ideas.”

  3. I propose this for the next revision revision

  4. Gradient? Check. Helvetica? Check. Awkward corner inside the “P”? Check. Blinking LEDs? No…that would look bad.

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  6. The new Gap logo is like their kahki pants: meh. Helvetica just got beiger…

  7. Somewhere in New York, Mickey Drexler is having the BEST DAY EVER.

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  9. I have seen this somewhere before, but I can not put my finger on it. Something like ADP in the 80’s maybe. By any stretch of the imagination (or not) this is the worst I have seen introduced into corporate America. Someone should be shot for this. It has to be a joke right? RIGHT?

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  12. Yesterday, there was a huge controversy in the news and on blogs about a new London, Ontario baseball team called the Rippers. Their logo features a shady looking man with a top hat that resembles Jack the Ripper. Here’s a write-up about it. What do you think? When Branding Goes Wrong –

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