Sometimes changing a brand identity is not a good thing

So I have to comment on this rebrand that the Golden State Warriors just completed. This seems like a text book example of a desperate company. I could just hear it now, the owner or management team says “we need to do something to sell more tickets.” Marketing person says “we need to rebrand and reconnect with our fans” Management team says “Yes that’s what we need to do” Marketing person says “Lets get a new logo design and I have a.. nephew, cousin, neighbor, brother-in-law (you can fill in any name here) who can create a really cool new logo” so off they go and look at what they came up with.

This is probably the worst rebrand I have ever seen. Not really sure what the original one stood for but at the least it had visual interest, movement, dimension and you know it’s a basketball team. What the…. is with the new one. This looks like it was created by a high school student who happen to get their hands on some design software. Maybe the intent is to go retro and reconnect the team to its roots. OK I can appreciate that. Simplicity is a good thing in a logo design, but you can see that this new logo suffers from being created by unskilled hands. How disappointing and a honestly a waste of money.


2 responses to “Sometimes changing a brand identity is not a good thing

  1. nice article, i like this … really creative
    Bravo !!

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