Don’t slash your marketing budget just yet

We have all heard the economists say the “R” word but we really can’t let that effect our business. We may have to make some changes, but we have to keep marketing. Even the big companies are tweaking their marketing. One thing to keep in mind the reason why big companies get big and succeed is because they understand that marketing is vital to maintaining through the tough times and growing in the good times.
If you want proof that consistent marketing and advertising works, consider the effect the media has had on the “so called” slow economy. The repeated focus on the subject of the slowing economy has created just that, a slow economy.

Any business owner wanting to be successful, even when the economy is sluggish, must make consistent marketing a priority.

Lack of marketing produces lack of clients

Just as your car needs fuel to run, your business needs consistent fuel to operate. Fuel for your business is leads, prospects and clients. Without actively generating leads, your pipeline will eventually dry up. When you’re pipeline dries up then your business is in trouble.

While this may seem logical, not every business owner gets it. Far too often money is spent on marketing tactics that are not planned out and result in a disappointing return on investment. This type of behavior is why business owners believe that marketing is an expense that is easily cut in difficult times. The truth is just the opposite. Poorly planned marketing or failure to invest in marketing at all, will produce poor results.

Investing in your company’s marketing WILL deliver results!

You need a full range of marketing services including annual direct mail marketing campaigns, search engine compliant web design and email marketing and more…

If you feel lost or unsure about how to market your business or need assistance with a new marketing campaign, give Creative Intuition a call. We are here to help.


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