Logo Contests

Wow, what a brilliant idea. I really need a new mechanic; I think I’ll run a contest where some local service centers can work on my car for free, then I’ll pick the one who did the best job, pay them what I think it’s worth, and let them use my name as their customer on all their advertising. Meanwhile, the rest of them can add the experience to their resumes, even though they don’t get paid. Everyone wins!!

If your a business owner and you think you are going to bring the best ideas to the top by offering $100 to people participating in a contest to design your company logo, I’m sorry to tell you but the opposite is true. People looking to be the best of the best don’t set foot into design contests because it goes against the basic heart of good logo development.

Forget about the fact that things like this water down design by letting anyone pretend they are a designer. Forget about the fact that its unethical to pay someone such a little fee for something that takes so much skill when done right. Forget about the fact that you’re insulting the REAL designers that could actually help you build your business. BUT think about the fact that what you’re doing is not helping your business, but in fact hurting it. You get what you pay for… Why even bother with a logo if you’re going to skimp on it? Your brand is your first impression to the customer, why chance it that the impression you make will be a bad one.

I’ve linked to some further reading that probably makes these points better than I do. most of these articles link to more articles on the topic.

Graphic design is a profession and professionals get paid for their work.

See AIGA.org to read a good article on how to hire a designer.


4 responses to “Logo Contests

  1. Hello,

    You make some valid points, even if you have spelt my name wrong.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for the comment. So sorry I spelled your name wrong. I have corrected it.

  3. No worries, and thanks.

  4. Thank you for the link out and keep it up!

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